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Decentralized Automation Solutions

Everyone benefits!

The introduction of a forward-thinking installation concept that is geared towards a maximum price/performance ratio brings advantages to companies as a whole. However, it is also important to realize that all departments and persons involved in the creation of a new concept gain a benefit.

Our example:
The software engineer

Depending on the implemented solution - The benefits to the Software Engineer are as follows:

  • Configurations can be transferred to other machines as required (copy & paste).
  • the software configuration can be carried out independently of the hardware structure
  • Sensors do not have to be parameterized, instead the device file is fed in directly.
  • Topology recognition and detailed diagnostics for easy troubleshooting and rectification
  • Establishment of modular systems in the control software for clear option management
  • Reduced program effort due to the elimination of separate safety circuits
  • Industrial standards such as OPC-UA and IO-Link are the interface from the cloud to the IO level.
Murrelektronik MVK Fusion

The current trend in decentralization:
The formation of mechatronic units


The modularization of machines and plants is regarded as the business model of the future: Standardized mechatronic units are assembled flexibly and demand-oriented. With MVK Fusion, Murrelektronik has developed a fieldbus product that implements exactly this idea of modularization in a simple manner.

The PROFINET/PROFIsafe module combines three elementary functions of installation technology in a single compact module:

  • digital standard sensors and actuators,
  • Digital safety-related sensors and actuators up to PLe,
  • IO-Link.

This combination is impressively innovative. With MVK Fusion, fewer fieldbus modules are required per modular unit, in the best case only one. This offers attractive opportunities for a large number of automation applications and is a pleasure for the buyer.

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Michael Greiner, Product Manager for Fieldbus Technology

We support our customers until an optimal solution is found. Our application engineers accompany them during the inventory, during the creation of installation concepts and during the selection of the most suitable variant

Michael Greiner, Product Manager for Fieldbus Technology

MVK Fusion with push-pull connection technology: The clever solution for the construction of machines and plants

The MVK Fusion fieldbus module is connected using push-pull connection technology. This enables fast installation of the fieldbus and power connectors with just one "click". Why does the German leading industry Automotive opt for push-pull in its release specifications – and can this also be the right choice for machine and plant manufacturers in other segments?

The fast push-pull connection process has its origins in the idea forges of the automotive industry. This is why it is also a very attractive solution for many other industries and applications. The great advantage of push-pull connectors is that they can be assembled and connected in a few simple steps and in a short time.

If the exact cable lengths can only be determined when the machine components are assembled, the self-assembly push-pull connectors show their full strength! In combination with cables that Murrelektronik sells by the metre on reels, connecting cables accurately cut to the centimetre can be "produced" on site.

A fast and flexible solution that makes MVK Fusion with push-pull connection technology a highly interesting option for professional work when setting up plants and machines. A good example: a plant structure in a large logistics unit.

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