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Lower costs by 30% with systems engineering

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The digital transformation won’t wait for you

You need to act now to meet the growing competitive and financial pressures.

The good thing is there are already solutions from Murrelektronik for the electrical installation of machines and systems. This is how you redefine power, signal and data transfer. This is how you take the pressure off the cost kettle. This is how you save up to 30% with decentralized installation technology from Murrelektronik. It's that simple!

Action instead
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Mechanical and plant engineering needs new approaches and must think more in terms of systems. Question established installation concepts. Distrust individual wiring. "We've always done it that way" is definitely the wrong answer. Rely on holistic automation systems from Murrelektronik.

All you have to do is: Simply do it.

You know the drill:
  • The control cabinet is overflowing
  • Older designs and machine concepts make economical production increasingly impossible
  • Countless problematic interfaces, both internal and external
  • Incredible wiring and commissioning effort
  • Subsequent extensions and modifications
  • Impossible deadlines
  • Too little personnel capacity

Save costs

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potential now

Take the first step into the future today. We develop highly efficient, and economical, installation concepts for you. We think in systems and rely on decentralized installation technology. We rely on automation technology without control cabinets. We eliminate individual wiring.

We promise you:
  • Shorter lead times from design to commissioning
  • Lower installation costs
  • Cost savings in installation technology
  • State-of-the-art technologies make you ready for the future
  • Compact designs
  • Optimal diagnostics
  • Synergies and process savings in all areas
  • In total: up to 30% savings

Scientifically proven:
The DESINA study project at the Technical University of Munich systematically examined decentralized and conventional installation concepts and their resultant savings potential. The study results are confirmed by our practical experience as well as references from companies of all sizes in a range of industries.

The following factors provide machinery installation with new, economically ideal function fields that make cost savings of up to 30 % possible:
  • Decentralized automation technology – components are taken out of the control cabinet and placed next to the process.
  • Use of systemic installation technology – coordinated system modules instead of different individual components.

Explore a
systematic approach!

Murrelektronik takes into account the interaction of all departments and ...

  • Reduces the
    project planning effort
  • Avoids
    installation errors
  • Minimizes the
    number of parts
  • Create maximum efficiency
    through modular commissioning
  • Leverages synergies and
    process savings
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Installation costs using a series machine as an example

Construction Production Assembly /

70% 20% 10%
Impact on costs / time
Construction Production Assembly /

10% 20% 70%
Proportion of costs / machine
Construction Production Assembly /

70% 20% 10%
Impact on costs / time

10% 20% 70%
Proportion of costs / machine

Reduced workload

in terms of construction.

Major impact

on installation.

The installation technology of machinery and plants can be optimized at any point along the value chain.

It’s all about choosing the right path at the start – for example, at the construction stage. This is where decisions have to be made regarding how power, data, and signal paths are defined, 70% of a machine’s costs are determined during the construction stage.

Reduced workload

in terms of construction.

Major impact

on installation.


30% savings potential
Installation costs with system solutions Installation costs with system solutions: savings every step of the way
Expected installation costs

Savings potential


The installation concept is defined at the construction stage. This determines the course of the subsequent processes. A significant portion of the cost-effectiveness of machines and plants is generated at this stage.


The chosen installation solution has a direct impact on purchasing. The number of different parts to be procured diminishes. Additional advantages include verified quality, delvery reliability, a global sales network and fewer suppliers.


Decentralized, streamlined, and flawless installation is the core idea when it comes to installation technology. Huge time savings can be achieved with the aid of standardized connectors. This results in a lower error rate. It’s plug-and-play time!


The time spent on programming is reduced thanks to intelligent software functions within Murrelektronik systems. What’s more, standardization is made considerably easier. Connection to higher level software systems is supported.


Decentralization of the I/O systems makes ongoing part activations possible and reduces their activation time. The diagnostics in our modular system minimiz e the troubleshooting workload.


Industrial quality, durable design, and EMC-resistant electronics guarantee long operating times, even in tough environments. Subsequent modifications and additions are easy to make thanks to modularity and functionality.


With the installation technology being decentralized, less space is needed, thus freeing up valuable production space. A new dimension in, and level of, availability are achieved thanks to diagnostics information. The option of IIoT connections opens up new productivity potential.

What we can do for you.

As your consulting partner, Murrelektronik will set up your machines and plants with the future in mind, be it for new concepts or retrofits. We are technophiles. We can identify the cost drivers in your installation and will present you with solutions. We think holistically – in terms of systems rather than components.

Our experts actively help shape the future within the following organizations:

  • IO-Link Consortium
  • German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI), Industry 4.0
  • ODVA EtherNet / IP user organization
  • PROFIBUS User Organization (PNO)
  • SPE Industrial Partner Network

We are your partner for:

  • System analysis and advice
  • Development of system solutions with our products
  • Sound application support
  • Training and qualification opportunities
  • Advice regarding the latest and future technologies

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