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The digital solution for seamless electrical installation technology

uKonn-X is the first seamless, digitally and visually supported system with bidirectional communication between design, development, assembly and commissioning. Classic wiring of machines through control cabinets and terminal strips is outdated. Decentralization can generate significant efficiency benefits. We connect the physical with the digital world. The goal is the holistic optimization of electrical installation technology – from planning over commissioning, all the way to maintenance.

To achieve this goal, we have developed uKonn-X. uKonn-X is a system that addresses all interfaces with electrical automation technology products as a digital solution. The focus of our digital solution is the seamless connection of all participants - human and product - along the entire product development process. In the first expansion stage, uKonn-X works as follows:


Step 1 with uKonn-X: Scan the cordset


With uKonn-X, the operator uses a mobile scanner to read a machine-readable code attached to Murrelektronik´s connectors.

By scanning the codes mentioned above, uKonn-X recognizes the plug-in points provided in the circuit diagram.

Step 2 with uKonn-X: Plug in the cordset to the module


uKonn-X shows the intended connections between the respective connection points within the digital circuit diagram and the 3D model of the machine on a touch display. On the corresponding fieldbus modules, light-emitting diodes additionally indicate the port assigned for the respective plug-in operation.

Step 3 with uKonn-X: Comment and confirm

Comment and confirm

Once the connector has been correctly plugged in, the correct connection is confirmed directly on the touch display via uKonn-X, thereby triggering automatic documentation. If changes need to be made to the installation, these can be conveniently commented, corrected, and communicated digitally to the design department using the integrated function.

Why uKonn-X?


Paperwork is a thing of the past. Through the filed assembly plan, the individual work progress and any changes are stored centrally in the cloud. Thus, relevant information can be accessed seamlessly and in real time by all involved and valuable process data derived for optimising the electrical installation as well as the technical planning. This leads to maximum transparency, networking, and efficiency in the team.


Thanks to machine specific, visual step-by-step instructions, staff can be deployed flexibly and waiting times reduced. Heterogeneous teams work more effectively, and staff bottlenecks can be compensated more easily. The simplicity and interactive design also increase employee satisfaction and reduce training efforts.

Quality enhancement

Consistently delivering the highest quality means every detail counts. Even small inadvertent mistakes can lead to high correction efforts and costs. Hence, we rely on needs-based instructions and offer your employees intuitive support. uKonn-X consistently avoids installation errors and realizes potential savings.


A large part of your assembly time is due to finding the right connectors and checking the correct connections? Scanning the work materials ensures less search effort through clear identification. Thanks to the integrated check of each work step, there is also no need for a subsequent, time-consuming check.


Step-by-step visualizations

The users receive a visualization of the current installation step to simplify the electrical installation. After identifying a cable, the complementary installation instructions are displayed. This avoids confusion and oversights.

Unique identification

The components used during the electrical installation can be marked with machine-readable codes, if required. This enables unique identification using a mobile end device (scanner, smartphone or similar).

Needs-based guidance

uKonn-X supports the user at the respective point of installation specifically with the required information.

Checklists for assembly plans

The entire electrical installation process is clearly displayed in the application. This allows the work progress to be viewed in real time and the assembly to be processed sequentially.

Digital documentation

Changes can be directly entered and approved in the system and are subsequentially stored in the database - completely paperless.

Task-specific display formats

uKonn-X enables the import of CAD files, topology and circuit diagram, so that those involved can switch flexibly between the desired illustration of the desired information.

Seamless communication

If changes to the electrical installation are necessary, the operator can conveniently communicate these digitally to the design department via an integrated function. Starting from the installation, this supports the development, improves the design of the machine and at the same time ensures accurate documentation.

Across departments and processes

The steps of the entire product development process are seamlessly and smoothly connected - Seamless Electrical Installation. Assign individual user roles and authorisations to provide your employees with exactly the information that is relevant to them. Facilitate cross-functional exchange and increase transparency in your operation.

Mobile und integrative

uKonn-X can be used on various end devices and supports the integration of scanners, external test devices and smartphones.



The uKonn-X software is an interactive application that visualizes individual assembly steps - exactly where they are needed.

Compatible with: Tablet, laptop, PC, mobile devices


uKonn-X interacts with external hardware such as mobile scanners. This enables clear and unique identification of relevant cables and modules.

Process data

Get an overview with clearly prepared process data to identify training needs, optimisation potential and changes to your machine.

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