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SOMIC Verpackungsmaschinen,

Lower costs by 30% with systems engineering


SOMIC Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG develops and builds packaging machines for the secondary and final packaging of food, confectionary, pet food, and more at three sites – Amerang and Haag in Germany and Eagen in the USA.

>50 Mio. € Sales
400 Employees worldwide

What did SOMIC want to achieve with the new SOMIC 424 machine concept?

  • The aim was to create a new way of thinking about system engineering where machine installations are made up of modular, standardized components.

SOMIC on the new machine concept and working with Murrelektronik:

  • Drawing on the mechatronic modular machine system, in place since 2010, and the introduction of standardized functional units, the task in hand was to incorporate the machine installation technology into this system.
  • The idea of defining all of the machines’ core functions as a structure made the installation, activation, diagnostic analysis, maintenance and servicing of the packaging machines easier.
  • With its Cube system, Murrelektronik provided a template for the system technology. Connection of modules is standardized, using a hybrid cable. Preassembled M12 connectors make installation significantly easier and are standard within SOMIC’s mechatronic modular system.

Future innovation potential:

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