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Pfiffner AG,

Lower costs by 30% with systems engineering


Pfiffner AG is a leading global manufacturer of high-volume rotary transfer machines. Precision and flexibility balanced with productivity, have made the company an important partner for innovative industries.

64,8 Mio. € Sales
260 Employees worldwide
FFG Fair Friend Group Member

What did Pfiffner want to achieve with the decentralized machine concept?

Pfiffner is a pioneer in the use of decentralized installation technology. For over 20 years they have benefitted from its advantages including:

  • Flexibility and scalability regardless of machine size and design
  • Easy changeover to new workpieces with minimal setup times
  • Shorter
    assembly times
  • More economical
  • Increased machine
  • Simplified assemblies
    with increased reliability
  • Easy integration of
    handling device

Pfiffner on the decentralized machine concept and its collaboration with Murrelektronik:

  • We can respond to customer needs without having to make changes to the control cabinet.
  • Having consistent, cost effective solutions that meet all of the application requirements gives our electrical engineering team planning security while saving valuable development time.
  • We appreciate how Murrelektronik worked with us to come up with the best and most flexible solution.
  • End-to-end scalable system solutions, which save time from planning to installation.
  • Detailed system diagnostics help installers and operators locate faults quickly and easily keeping machine availability high.

Products used:

MASi68, Cube67
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